History of TP-Structures

-=Current Database Tables=-
__tiki_blogs__: blog_id, user_id, created, last_modified, title, description, public, posts, max_posts, hits, activitiy, heading, use_find, use_title, add_date, add_poster, allow_comments, tiki_blog_posts: post_id, content_id, blog_id, trackback_to,trackbacks_from
Notes: ''trackbacks_to and trackbacks_from are default "a:():{}" almost always''

__tiki_nexus_menu__: menu_id, plugin_guid, title, description, type, editable
__tiki_nexus_menu_items__: item_id, menu_id, parent_id, po, title, hint, url, url_type, perm

__tiki_categories__: category_id, name, description, parent_id, hits
__tiki_category_objects__: cat_object_id, category_id
__tiki_categorized_objects__: cat_object_id, object_type, object_id, description, created, name, href, hits
''object_type is tikipage, blog, etc''
''description is somewhat similar to hint''
''name is similar to title''
''href is "/wiki/index.php?pge_id=7" etc''

__tiki_structures__: structure_id, root_structure_id, content_id, level, pos, page_alias, parent_id

-=New Structure & Structure Type Tables=-
__tiki_structure_types__ (primary key is tiki_structure_type):
structure_type_id, structure_type_description, handler_class, handler_package, handler_file

Note: ''See tiki_content_types for reference as to what above is''

__tiki_structure_objects__ (primary key is structure_object_id):
structure_object_id, structure_id, structure_type_id, object_id

__tiki_structure__ (primary key is structure_id):
structure_id, user_id, structure_name, structure_description, parent_id, created_on, last_modified_on

__tiki_blogs__(replaces original, primary key is blog_id):
blog_id, public, posts, max_posts, hits, activity, heading, use_find, use_title, add_data, add_poster, allow_comments

-=New Structure Item Tables=-
__tiki_structure_item__ (primary key is structure_item_id):
structure_item_id, object_type, object_id, url, name, description, created_on, last_modified_on,

__tiki_structure_pos__ (primary_key is combination of tiki_structure_id and tiki_structure_item_id):
structure_id, structure_item_id, top_level_item_id, pos

structure_item_id attrib_name attrib_value

Note: ''Unsure if needed or how to do: tiki_structures: level, tiki_categorized_objects: hits, tiki_nexus_menu_item: perm''

===Structure_item_id=== - integer used to specify each line/item in the structure. Equivalent to:
tiki_structures: structure_id, tiki_nexus_menu_items: item_id, tiki_blog_posts: post_id, tiki_categorized_objects: cat_object_id

===Structure_id=== - integer used to specify one structure. Equvalent to:
tiki_structures: root_structure_id, tiki_nexus_menu_items: menu_id, tiki_blog_posts: blog_id, tiki_categorized_objects: category_id

===Top_Level_Item_id=== - integer specifying top level for multi-level menus & structures; Equivalent to:
tiki_structures: parent_id, tiki_nexus_menu_items: parent_id

===Pos=== - integer which specifies position of the menu relates to ALL other items (no matter what level, within same level highier position is displayed lower and parent_id must have position that is lower then any child). Equivalent to:
tiki_structures: pos, tiki_nexus_menu_items: po

===Object_type=== - Type of object, describes what type of object_id this is. Can be:
content_id - Object_ID is Content_id
blog_id - Object_ID is Blog_id
structure_id - Object_ID = Structure_ID
URL - Object_Id is not used, instead URL specifies full URL
Equivalent to:
tiki_categorized_objects: object_type, tiki_nexus_menu_items: url_type

===Object_id=== - id of the content for this item, usually same as Content_ID. Equivalent to:
tiki_categorized_objects: object_id, tiki_nexus_menu_items: url, tiki_structures: content_id, tiki_blog_posts: content_id

===URL=== - when its non-standard or external object, it specifies full URL to redirect to, this is used when object_id is NULL. Equivalent to:
tiki_categorized_objects: href, tiki_nexus_menu_items: url

===Name=== - Short name that will appear when listing this structure instead of original page_name (if not present, original name from structure is to be used). Equivalent to:
tiki_categorized_objects: name, tiki_nexus_menu_items: title, tiki_structure: page_alias

===Description=== - Longer description that maybe used. Equivalent to:
tiki_categorized_objects: description, tiki_nexus_menu_items: hint

===Created_On=== - Date when this structure item was created. Equivalent to:
tiki_categorized_objects: created

===Last_Modified_On=== - Date when this structure item was last modified

===Attrib_name=== - name of the additional attribute (specific to certain structures). This can be: "trackback_to", "trackback_from"

===Attrib_value=== - arbitrary data value

Note: Possibly get rid of Object_type and replace Object_id in table with Content_ID
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