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What makes us different from all the others?

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TikiPro is a full featured web framework, and CMS. So what? There are hundreds of such applications available. With TikiPro, you are in control. TikiPro goes out of it's way to let you make the decisions and design choices that best suit your problem. Here are things that we think make TikiPro shine above all the rest:

  • Speed, Speed, and more Speed - Our schema is optimized for speed. Our queries are optimized for speed. There are several massive traffic sites running TikiPro, and this forces us to be stingy with queries and diligent about JOINS. We are constantly rooting out ways to reduce our query counts. When we started with TikiWiki, an average page load took 200 queries, we are now down to ~25 for a basic page load.
  • Extremely simple theming - Our granular themeing system that easily lets you hand-pick just the piece of the UI you would like to modify.
  • A powerful, nested CSS model and XHTML compliance
  • Content Inheritance - Our LibertyPackage means all content is stored in a central table, but allows for "derived tables" to handle each content type's unique needs
  • Slaving users to another database - just create "function override_user_login" and you can do whatever magic you need to do to access your existing users database.
  • Pretty Url's - your way! declare "function override_user_login" to make custom user home page URL's

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