Bitweaver is a full featured web framework, and content management system. With Bitweaver, you are in control. Bitweaver goes out of your way to let you make the decisions and design choices that best suit your problem. Here are things that we think make Bitweaver shine above other content management systems:

!Speed, speed, and more speed
Bitweaver's schema and queries are optimized for speed to be scalable to millions of pages. Other CMS's don't utilise the most efficient queries with scalability in mind - but it has been one of Bitweaver's objectives from day 1. There are several massive traffic sites running Bitweaver, and this forces us to be stingy with queries and diligent about JOINS. We are constantly rooting out ways to reduce our query counts. When we started with Tikiwiki, an average page load took 200 queries, we are now down to ~25 for a basic page load.

!Choice of database
Bitweaver supports PostgreSQL (pgsql), Firebird/InterBase, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase and SQLite. Bitweaver has to be one of the few CMS that can say it runs on all these databases. This leaves the choice open to the administrator to install on their favorite database backend. Bitweaver supports Apache and IIS web server installs.

!Easy installer
Bitweaver's installer rocks! It checks your PHP settings, informs you of the pertinent settings and allows you to select how much of bitweaver you want to install. It even gives you graphical interface when upgrading your system or when converting from another system to Bitweaver, and visualizes package dependencies graphically.

! Simple and powerful styling
Bitweaver's granular theming system that easily lets you hand-pick just the piece of the UI you would like to modify. Look and feel are extremely easy to customise and can be designed to replicate any corporate theme. Bitweaver uses a well organized class system which gives you an immense freedom when it comes to CSS based styling.

!Intuitive interface
Despite the great configurability of Bitweaver, you will always know where to click since we provide inline help where appropriate.

!Content inheritance
Bitweaver's ((LibertyPackage|Liberty Package)) stores all content in a central table, but allows for derived tables to handle each content type's unique needs.

!Easily integrated
Optionally, Bitweaver has a number of third party applications integrated such as phpBB, Gallery2, FCKeditor. For example, slaving users to another database: just create ''function override_user_login'' and you can do whatever magic you need to do to access your existing users database.

!Pretty URLs your way
Declare ''function override_user_login'' to make custom user home page URLs.

!Developer framework
Also an objective from day 1 - to be as customisable and easy to build upon as possible. Bitweaver provides a lot of integrated developer tools and gadgets to help speed up application development.

!On the move
Continuous developement from an active and dedicated community. Fast moving progress and development in every aspect of the application.
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