The notifications library is designed to send out event emails, when an event occurs, to anyone who has registered for that event.
Event types are registered by the packages in their __<package>/tiki_setup_inc.php__ file (usually just after the ''registerMenu()'' function.
{CODE()}$gTikiSystem->registerNotifyEvent( array( "user_registers" => tra("A user registers") ) );{CODE}
This registers the event, and allows it to be displayed in the __Administration / Kernel / Notification__ options, on a per package basis.

To retrieve an array of email addresses registered for your event, use the following code:
{CODE()}$emails = $notificationlib->get_mail_events('user_registers','*');{CODE}
Currently, you have to write your own email code, but I would like to add another function to $notificationlib to help out.
# They currently don't work as far as I'm aware (:eek:)
# The overlap functionality with the Wiki pages Watches
# They don't have direct associations with the ''users_users'' table and its email addresses.
** Should an email address change, this is not propagate to the existing list of notifications.
** Linking Notifications with the ''users_users'' table, would prevent anonymous users from registering notifications (this could be a good thing, but should be optional).
# Notifications have a currently ''unused'' field called __object__ - defaults to '''*'''
# Notification engine is not pluggable ie currently hard-coded to notify by emails only (MikeW suggests Jabber notifications)
# Current event email code is left up to the caller - add another function to __kernel/notification_lib.php__ to simplify the emailing process.
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