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-!S5 is a great slideshow system
-i need to add some useful text in here some time soon
+!S5 Slide Shows
+Any WikiPage can be turned into a full featured slideshow. Slides are separated at every <H1> heading ( ! - wiki syntax ) and can be viewed using mozilla based browsers such as Firefox ( requires javascript on ) or Opera ( need to press F11 to start the show ).
+To start the show, press the S5 slideshow icon above (or below) the wiki page.
-!second slide in this show
-slides are sparated by &lt;h1&gt; elements
+!S5 Flexibility
+you can use S5 slideshows to give a presentation and then just press the print button to print out the CSS styled text and hand them out.
+no need to create seperate files anymore.
-! last slide
-i know this is short, but i'll fix that soon
+!Use bitweaver
+it will be possible to choose from a selection of themes and once you are done editing your slideshow, you can press and button to export the show as a zip file. this can then be extracted on any computer making it easy to email to other users or use at presentations.
+!Further Information
+for more information of the slideshows, please visit [http://www.meyerweb.com/eric/tools/s5/]
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