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Some ((bitweaverGlossary|modules)) take parameters. Assign the modules of your choice in Admin -> Themes -> Create/Control Layout. For example: assign a module that displays recently uploaded images in the column on the right. Now you could tell the module only to choose images from a certain gallery.

;bitarticle: a specific ((ArticlePackage|article))
;bitblog: a ((BlogPackage|blog))
;bitblogpost: a specific posting in a ((BlogPackage|blog))
;bitboard: ((BoardsPackage|message board))
;bitbook: wiki books that contain a hierarchially structured list of ((PackageWiki|wiki pages))
;bitcomment: comments found troughout bitweaver, see ((LibertyPackage|Liberty))
;bitevents: en ((EventsPackage|event))
;bitnewsletter: a specific ((PackageNewsletters|newsletter))
;bitnewsletteredition: an edition of ((PackageNewsletters|newsletters))
;bitpage: a ((WikiPackage|wiki page))
;bitproduct: an item, see ((BitcommercePackage|package Bitcommerce))
;bitsitehome: ((SitehomePackage|Site Homepage))
;bituser: user information, also used to access homepages of registered users
;fisheyegallery: image galleries created by ((FisheyePackage|Fisheye))
;fisheyimage: image uploaded using the ((FisheyePackage|Fisheye)) gallery
;pigeonholes: a node from the categorization package ((PogeonholesPackage|Pigeonholes))
;tikisticky: a private comment that looks like a post-it note
;treasurygallery: gallery of ((TreasuryPackage|treasuries))
;treasuryitem: file uploaded with ((TreasuryPackage|Treasury))

other values
;boolean: Value either TRUE or FALSE. In bitweaver, setting these values to ''anything'' will set them TRUE (like 0, yes, 1, 2, or TRUE).
;numeric: Any parameter that takes a numeric value, obviously expects a number.
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