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With their first release, Bitweaver makes full transition to modular architecture for their open source web application framework.

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Bitweaver ReleaseOne Now Shipping

With their first release, Bitweaver makes full transition to modular architecture for their open source web application framework.

Raleigh, NC, USA - Hörbranz, Austria - Sydney, AustrailiaTBA, 2005 – Bitweaver, a web application framework and content management system with power, flexibility, and simplicity is now available. Bitweaver.org announces the release of a cooperatively developed, open source web application that offers a complete suite of powerful services in a higher modular design.

A Truly Modular Architecture

bitweaver's power and simplicity lie in it's core concept known as a "package," which is simply a directory of all files related to one feature. Key to the design is the packages may be removed or added arbitrarily and without negative effects. This high degree of flexibility is considered "large grained modularlity" and gives developers freedom to interleave open-source and proprietary code seamlessly.

A crucial part to bitweaver's power is its all new content management system (CMS), known as "Liberty", that employs an object oriented approach to both software design and data. This new feature allows blogs, articles, wiki pages, and more to store their data in common location. This enables super fast searching, as well as simplified data storage and retrieval and text processing via a common base class. A format plug-in mechanism permits the textual content to be of varying syntax types i.e. HTML, TikiWiki, BBCode, etc.

Showcasing the power of Liberty, bitweaver ships with an all new image gallery system, called FishEye. Features of this gallery system include: multi-level privacy permissions (public, password protected, password protected and hidden from search, and private), image ordering, gallery image option, image editing, etc. Support for both GD and the powerful ImageMagick library processing system are included as part of Liberty, and of course FishEye.

It's About Freedom, Speed And Style

With hundreds of available web application frameworks/CMS’s, what makes Bitweaver stand out from the crowd? "With Bitweaver, you are in control. Bitweaver goes out of its way to let you make the decisions and design choices that best suit your problem." Christian Fowler, a project founder, and key contributor to the development of ReleaseOne.

What has made bitweaver the CMS of choice for high profile organizations such as Lulu.com, is the architectural flexibility combined with high scalibitiy. bitweaver has been designed from the very beginning, for speed from end-to-end: schema design, query utilization, and software design - a highly tuned, performance engine.

Integration and the Application Framework

From the outset, Bitweaver was designed to simplify integration with third-party applications, using minimal effort and time. We currently have two major open source applications included as part of our distribution, which are seamless intregrated with single-signon and look-and-feel. Try using Gallery 2 and phpBB as part of your Bitweaver site today.

As an Application Framework, we boast an abstracted database layer on a number of database backends, easy internationalization, extremely flexible look-and-feel and multiple authentication systems. If you are developing an existing PHP project, or just starting out, consider using Bitweaver as your kernel and focus your energies on your application, rather than its supporting framework.

CSS and XHMTL Compliance

Max Kremmel founder and lead UI developer notes bitweavers "use of standard compliant XHTML Strict 1.0 and sophisticated tableless CSS has made bitweaver stand above the rest" in the web application world. The well organized, nested style class system gives you substantial freedom with CSS based styling, with the least amount of work. Additionally, the simple, granular theming system allows you to easily hand-pick virtually every bit of the page if needed.

Starting with a world class installer and continuing through to its streamlined architecture and design, bitweaver ReleaseOne is already creating a loyal following of developers and users.

ReleaseOne, licensed under the GNU Library or Lesser General Public License, is immediately available for download from bitweaver.org and SourceForge.net.

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About Bitweaver

Bitweaver is an advanced, object-oriented, open source web application framework and content management system written in PHP. Bitweaver uses the ADOdb database abstraction library and Smarty Templates template presentation framework. Originally known as TikiPro and derived from the PHP application known as TikiWiki, bitweaver distinguished itself through thousands of code changes which lead to a high speed, modular, fully customizable web application. Bitweaver prides itself for supporting many Postgres, MySQL, and Firebird databases on Linux, Macintosh, and Windows. Due to its modularity, scalability, data integrity, and stability it is ideally suited for enterprise or large scale, high traffic websites. Its ease of use makes it also ideal for small sites. Learn more at http://www.bitweaver.org.
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