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 The Sitehome Package lets you create a page for designation as your site's homepage. With this package and a little custom configuring to your root index.php file you can set any type of content or combination of content as your homepage, with a clean url. No redirects, no mod rewrite.
 You create your site's home page just like you would a wiki page, using any of the plugins and includes and attachments to pull in other site content you want on the page. But because Sitehome is its own package you can also customize the menu options differently then you might your Wiki package.

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 Once you have installed the Sitehome Package you will also need to take a few extra steps to make a sitehome page your homepage.
-First create a sitehome page and save it.
+After the Sitehome Package is installed, a Sitehome menu should appear in the top navbar. From the drop down menu, select "Create Sitehome" Create a page and save it.
 Next, in the admin settings for the sitehome package set the page you have just created as the sitehome package's home page. I know that sounds like a loop-d-loop. But its not, go into the sitehome package admin settings and you will see an option for setting the package's home page.
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