The ((SchemaChangelog)) page is a record of changes made to database tables in the current head branch of the bitweaver code base. This page offers some tips for using the information in the schema changelog with various databases.

!!Implementing Updates on MySQL
Schema change code listed on the SchemaChangelog page is written in SQL92 and for the most part is compatible with most SQL databases. That said, MySQL can be a pain in the ass and does not always accept SQL92 queries. In these cases look for special "-MySQL" notes in the listed changes. These notes offer alternative queries specifically written for MySQL.

!!Reporting Problems with MySQL
If you have a problem with running a query from the SchemaChangelog page on MySQL and no specific MySQL alternative query is included for the update, please report your finding on freenode IRC channel #bitweaver.

!!Using cPanelX
#Select "MySQL Databases"
#Select "phpMyAdmin" at bottom of page
#Select database table matching the updated you want to implement from ((SchemaChangelog))
#Select SQL tab
#Paste SQL command from the SchemaChangelog page into "Run SQL query/queries on database" field

!!Note - This process is only necessary, if you upgrade using CVS. Each Bitweaver release will take care of these changes by running the installer.
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