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^ To collaborate & freely express everything you can possibly think of to improve the Wiki. We need input & we want ''your'' ideas! ^

-=The How-to=-
^ It's very easy. The mind numbing part is even already done for you! Follow the simply steps below & you'll be on your way in no time!
# Login / register
# Download each of the images attached to this page (there should be a total of 13)
# Open one of the images in your favorite image editor
# Annotate the image with every single thought that comes into your mind -- no matter how silly it may seem. Some good examples include:
## This needs clarification (with an arrow/something indicating what you're referring to)
## This would be better if it were located here instead of there
## ...
# Once you're done editing, simply attach your edited image to this page with the page name & your name in the comment area.
# As you are attaching your edited images, check to see if other people have contributed their edited images. If so, feel free to download the image(s) & look them over. If you have questions about something for the person, feel free to ask them.

...more details to follow
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