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Created by: SEWilco, Last modification: 01 May 2004 (02:43 UTC) by SEWilco
www : this is the main bitweaver site and should only ever run code that we completely trust. This site is the 1st impression almost all people will get of our project and our professionalism. Problems here are never OK, and should one arise the community as a whole should drop other work and do whatever they can to aid in fixing this site. This is our public face to the entire world and we should treat it as we would our own personal reputations. To this end no code that we don't completely trust should EVER be attached to the database that runs this site.

preflight : This sites sole intention is as a staging ground to test the configuration of updates to the www.tp.o site. The only code that should ever run here is a)either the exact same directory tree that is running www or b)code that we believe to be ready for www and are doing final configuration and setup on the site as an imminent precursor to making this directory tree and it's database the www site. Appropriate actions to take place on this subdomian would include:
--Installing and testing a new release of stable bitweaver slated for the main site.
--Setting up a new DB to support the new install.
--Testing scripts to transfer data from the live database into the new database.
--Configuring theme settings and such in preparation for switch www to point at this code tree and database.
The main things that should never happen here:
--Testing of any code. This site should ONLY be for testing installs, DB transfer, and configuration of the new www site.
--Running code linked to the production DB. This is asking for trouble with corrupting the main DB on accident.

stable, testing, and development
stable : This site is intended to run the CVS of the current STABLE branch.
testing : This site is intended to run the CVS of the current TESTING branch.
development : This site is intended to run the CVS of the current HEAD branch.
These sites are meant to support a few functions:
    1. Allow people to act as testers for bitweaver without requiring them to have and maintain their own install of bitweaver. This allows us to have people who would love to help out with bitweaver, but do not have the interest, knowledge, or resources to have their own install of bitweaver. This lets testers concentrate on testing and not on cvs and php and apache stuff.
    2. Allow bugs that one person reports to be tested and reproduced in a known environment. This allows us to verify bugs quickly and eliminated botched php, apache, ect. install issues.
    3. Let new comers to bitweaver check out and play with a working site and see how things stand. This lowers the barrier to entry for current and future site admins to get a taste of bitweaver.
Ideally stable, testing, and development will soon be automatically updated from CVS by a cron job. These site may be broken and battered around in the course of testing and such with no real harm. They exist to be abused. (:wink:)

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