History of bitweaverLogo

Here are thoughts, ramblings and other stuff about our groundbreaking, award winning, earth moving, finger biting logo.

! bitweaver is ...
* once was only a Wiki System
* now it\'s a CMS with many features
* better than Tikiwiki (the one without \"pro\"), because the architecture is overhauled
* compared to Tikiwiki it\'s doing better in modularity, scalability (speed!) and stability
* handles growth really good
* suits enterprises
* open-source content management software

! ... in 1 or 3 words
* great features
* very flexible
* seriously professional

These are only fuzzy buzzwords, but the look of the whole bitweaver homepage should transfer them right into the human eye. The logo alone will hardly do that. It cannot stand on its own, like a funny comic stript or something. Any new logo idea, ideally, would have to become a starting point of changing the look of bitweaver.

! Logo ideas
# tiki mask
# swiss knife
# ((bitweaverLogo03|logo 03))

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23 Feb 2005 (04:57 UTC)
turned page into starting point for design ideas (like logos)
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