These are mostly my personal notes, culled from various holes on the Internet. I wish there was a basic "Noob's Guide to Networking beyond 1000BaseT (i.e. ye good ol' 1 Gigabit RJ-45 Jack.)

Some of this stuff may not be accurate.. updates appreciated.

Mellanox is the king of InfiniBand, though they are selling more Ethernet equipment than InfiniBand these days.

* __Gotcha__ ConnectX-2 Cards suck because they do not support SR-IOV (which is required for KVM, see below)
* ConnectX-3 Cards are great!
* __Gotcha__ ConnectX-3 dual port cards cannot be individually assigned
* Lowend servers / chipsets (Think Dell R4X0 and below) cannot do SR-IOV may not work properly with the Mellanox cards

* The Linux kernel has built in InfiniBand support. On CentOS, you can do this: yum groupinstall "Infiniband Support"
* __Gotcha__ Linux KVM virtualization __only__ supports Ethernet bridging, thus you MUST use SR-IOV if you want InfiniBand in your Guest servers.
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