Shell Script for super-respositores that executes git on all sub-repositories

Created by: spiderr, Last modification: 04 Jul 2010 (18:10 UTC)
supergit acts on all directories in your project as if they were sub-respositories. For most commands, you simply type what you would normally for git, however you simply type supergit with desired parameters in the super-repository root of your project. For example:
  • To clone, type 'supergit -b DEV testbw' which will clone, then intiliaze + update submodules and checkout the master branch for each submodule
  • To commit, in the super repo root, type 'supergit commit -a'
  • To push, in the super repo root, type 'supergit push origin'

Program can be downloaded at

To install, put download the source to /usr/local/bin/ or similar.

If you would like to expand the code, please help yourself.