ScoutingReleaseOne A3...
posted by SEWilco on 13 Dec 2004 (04:10 UTC)
A3 feels smoother than predecessors.

ReleaseZero content types don't quite meet my needs, although Wiki could store anything. LibertyPackage looks like it can do what I need, so ReleaseOne A3 is my current focus. I can't tell if the "Get the Fresh Build!" on homepage is newer nor whether to call it A3. ReleaseOne will do as the starting point for Liberty examination.

It is a tad awkward having a row of tabs saying "bitweaver CMS", I think that label should be at the end.

Tab 4 is presently UserPagefire's Blog. I see he has also found it hard to find things in/about TP and is also using his notes to build things up. Odd... his "Documenting TikiSystem" Blog entry has no Comment button; there is one at the bottom but as each entry has a "0 comments" label it looks as if there is supposed to be a way to comment on each individual entry. Workaround: View a blog entry and there is a Comment button there.

Hmm. On the Blog Edit Post page, the help boxes on the bottom don't expand. And clicking on "List blogs" takes you to a new page so you lose the Edit contents... I'll have to check some other way to easily link to a blog. Nothing in WikiSyntax... incidentally, there are links to the nonexistent when popdown Help works.

And Blog Preview loses the trackback pings...

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