Bitweaver from the webmastering poing of view

by Kozuch
Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Posted to Webmastering Bitweaver
Hi folks,

I just would like to share some insights I got while using Bitweaver on one of my sites - it is called OpenBook Project and runs since May 2006.

I am an average webmaster I would say - I have basic web and internet knowledge, can use FTP, SSH (no money for dedicated hosting yet though) and I have basic HTML skills with close to none PHP skills. However, I can do some basic customizing of PHP scripts (like insert ads etc.) and I can do templating through Smarty with quite some effort.

I like to use a range of open source CMS beginning with Joomla (which I don't like that much though), over Drupal, XOOPS, forums like SMF and phpBB and finally ending with Bitweaver. I like the idea of sharing in the open source world - however this has it's cons too - many projects, even more forks and very unpredictable market. A bit of standardization would not be bad over here (:rolleyes:).

I like Bitweaver, because it is the only one decent open source CMS (except TikiWiki of course) that has all the main features under one roof - articles, blogs, calendar, forum, galleries and a wiki. You never know when you will need the particular feature your current CMS does not offer and migrating is a bad thing.

Ok, that would be enough for the beginning. Hope to see you soon again!

PS. Please excuse the poor English grammar (if that can even be called English (:biggrin:)(:biggrin:)(:biggrin:)) as I shoot this as life goes...