large list of changes

by xing
Saturday, December 04, 2004
Posted to BWDesigner's Blog
been a while since i posted... too long a while...



forms have undergone a major reorganisation and redesign. i've put quite a bit of effort into making bitweaver more userfriendly. i have started adding various notes to input areas throughout bitweaver forms. for this we have come up with a new standard for forms in templates. instead of using the commonly used tables, we've come up with a set of divs and spans that simplify this type of dynamic data considerably. this is what templates look like:

div class="row">
formfeedback note/warning/error='...'}
formlabel label='...'}
span class="forminput">
input ... />
formhelp note/page/='...'}

a brief explanation to the above:
this displays a note, warning or error if there is one to be shown. this will show up above the actual item
the label entered here is the description of the input field. the textfield i'm writing in has the label 'Data'
this is where the actual input field is located - usually to the right of the label
this can display any note you wish to display for the current item. notes should be short and contain information that makes the selection or entry of data more easy for the user


the installer has undergone a major revamp as well. there are now more stages during the isntall process including one stage where you can add information to your new database. this data is not random and contains information about how bitweaver works and how to navigate it.

ideally these pages should be sucked from tp.o that we can use a central repository for generating these pages. perhaps a set of pages collected in a particular category or within a structure.

if possible, i'd suggest that the download occurs as the original wiki pages since it will serve as a useful example of what the wiki pages look like with some formatting in them.

currently i have started using files within the installer called 'pump_<package>_inc.php'. the only one so far is one for the wiki. eventually i envisage such data entry fro all major content managing packages such as wiki, blogs and articles.


i have added a new theme called native that has been set as default. this theme is the one i want to develop for the next while until i get fed up with it again - which will be in about 10 days :-)</package>