ScoutingReleaseOne A3...

by SEWilco
Monday, December 13, 2004
Posted to Coconut Radios
A3 feels smoother than predecessors.

ReleaseZero content types don't quite meet my needs, although Wiki could store anything. LibertyPackage looks like it can do what I need, so ReleaseOne A3 is my current focus. I can't tell if the "Get the Fresh Build!" on homepage is newer nor whether to call it A3. ReleaseOne will do as the starting point for Liberty examination.

It is a tad awkward having a row of tabs saying "bitweaver CMS", I think that label should be at the end.

Tab 4 is presently UserPagefire's Blog. I see he has also found it hard to find things in/about TP and is also using his notes to build things up. Odd... his "Documenting TikiSystem" Blog entry has no Comment button; there is one at the bottom but as each entry has a "0 comments" label it looks as if there is supposed to be a way to comment on each individual entry. Workaround: View a blog entry and there is a Comment button there.

Hmm. On the Blog Edit Post page, the help boxes on the bottom don't expand. And clicking on "List blogs" takes you to a new page so you lose the Edit contents... I'll have to check some other way to easily link to a blog. Nothing in WikiSyntax... incidentally, there are links to the nonexistent when popdown Help works.

And Blog Preview loses the trackback pings...