SDLC - ContactsPackage

by Stephan Borg
Friday, July 08, 2005
Posted to Wolffy's Blog
So, I started a new page today called LDAPContactsPackage and thought it a good opportunity to eat my own dog food, and implement a very basic SDLC.

I've completed the Feasibility Study - I need a contacts package! That was easy! :)

So now onto requirements...

I've put down 1 week for a list of requirements - after that, I will try and lock down for version 1.1 (I will try...).

Will try and apply the Six Hats of Critical Thinking during the Requirements process and report on how effective I found it.

I will also try and document as much of the process as possible for the sake of future BW developers.

Yes, this is a trial to see if SDLC's can work with our project - if it dies a horrible death, so be it - it was worth a shot.

Well, here goes...