Initial impressions of bitweaver ....

by Bill
Thursday, November 10, 2005
Posted to Beaver's Blog
My initial impressions of bitweaver are ....
  • very lively developer community ..
  • .. with better than average attempt at documenting the system
  • slow / blobby
  • too many PHP errors / exceptions come through to the user (I found 2 on first visit)
  • certainly worth persuing and trying out for a while
  • something in the layout / css doesn't work well in IE

I'm curious that ...
  • it allows multiple Wiki input formats
  • it uses the less than awesome phpBB for forums


Two comments -

by spiderr, 11 Nov 2005 (03:53 UTC)
  1. When we started this, phpBB did not have near the security issues it does today. So, we have been threatening a new forums system for months now. See ForumsResearch
  2. Bitweaver, and this server run with php warnings ON. Many (most) php apps, have TONS of warnings, but set them not to display. This means we have a very tight code base. Please find one of us on ConnectingToIrc so we can easily get these little blips addressed.

Great post and welcome!
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