Bitweaver Vmware Appliance

Marko Weltzer
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Bitweaver Vmware Appliance

Posted:07 Apr 2008 (20:02 UTC)
I've had too much "free" time last weekend, so i decided to make a nice little VM, which you could use to test out bitweaver.

All you need is Vmware Player or Vmware Server, which you can find on the Vmware site.

Just finish the easy web installation of bitweaver and then you can dive into the fun of exploring bitweaver.

You can find more Infos on my site and also packed into the VM.

Feedback (the kind of constructive one) is always appreciated.
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Re: Bitweaver Vmware Appliance

Posted:14 Jul 2009 (06:26 UTC)
Link is broken. Where can I get a bitweaver virtual app from?
Lester Caine
Joined: 24 Apr 2004

Re: Bitweaver Vmware Appliance

Posted:19 Jul 2009 (17:52 UTC)
Unfortunately it was not created via the bitweaver project, and would be out of date now anyway. Nobody has the facilities here to produce it currently.