pigeonholes error

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pigeonholes error

Posted:23 Nov 2010 (21:01 UTC)

I get this error when am editing a wiki page...

Notice: Undefined index: pos in /home/mysite/public_html/pigeonholes/Pigeonholes.php on line 1021

Notice: Undefined index: pos in /home/mysite/public_html/pigeonholes/Pigeonholes.php on line 1019

any pointers....

Lester Caine
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Re: pigeonholes error

Posted:25 Nov 2010 (08:27 UTC)
I don't use pigeonholes myself, but a quick fix for this is to find
uasort( $ret, 'pigeonholes_pathlist_sorter' );
and comment out that line. It will just stop reordering the list.

I suspect that one of the changes to PHP's handling of arrays may be affecting this, so it would be useful to know which version of PHP and bw you are using.
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