Created by: Vijay Aswadhati, Last modification: 25 Jul 2005 (08:04 UTC)
At this point I take it that the registerSchemaTable accepts the same syntax as accepted by the CreateTableSQL function in PHP AdoDB. For those in a hurry here is an overview:
- C: Varchar, capped to 255 characters.
- X: Larger varchar, capped to 4000 characters (to be compatible with Oracle).
- XL: For Oracle, returns CLOB, otherwise the largest varchar size.
- C2: Multibyte varchar
- X2: Multibyte varchar (largest size)
- B: BLOB (binary large object)
- D: Date (some databases do not support this, and we return a datetime type)
- T: Datetime or Timestamp
- L: Integer field suitable for storing booleans (0 or 1)
- I: Integer (mapped to I4)
- I1: 1-byte integer
- I2: 2-byte integer
- I4: 4-byte integer
- I8: 8-byte integer
- F: Floating point number
- N: Numeric or decimal number

More details can be found at