Sequence of operations when installing a new database

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 11 Dec 2004 (07:31 UTC) by SEWilco
Material for new installation is stored in the install directory.

Database specific files are located below that in the db directory

Basic database structure is provided in the file bitweaver_xxxxx_mysql.sql

This is then converted to a different database engine via the modules provided in convertscripts directory. The resulting file should be renamed to remove the 'mysql.sql_to' section of the title, in order for the install program to find it.

The relevent database script is then processed to provide a blank database

(outline to be provided sometime)

Once the blank database exists, it is populated via the _default.prf script located in profiles. Then the basic database population is completed via code located in the install.php module.

These hard coded steps create the base permissions for Administrators, Registered, and Anonymous groups, and a base user of 'admin' and a personal equivalent if requested.