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Getting Involved

If you are interested in helping us document bitweaver, well, welcome aboard! We would love the help! All documentation building happens on this site, however before you jump in please read our guidelines below.

Documentation Guidelines

If you are interested in helping out, the first thing you should know is that we basically divide our documentation into two types, Official and Under Development. As of yet we don't have a good way to mark Official Documentation. But for now you can consider the pages you find linked to from the following as Official: Documentation and Developer Center.

Updating Exiting Official Documentation

Any of the pages linked to from the pages listed above are under tight editing control. If you would like to make changes to those pages, (above and beyond typo fixing) please create a new page, add the "Documentation Under Development" statement at the top of the page(explained below), copy the official page text to your new page, then make your proposed changes to this copy. When you are done check in with wjames5, spiderr, or xing on IRC #bitweaver. Your proposal will be considered and the Official page updated if things fit in well.

If you wish to edit other pages, not listed on the pages mentioned above, you may, though it is always best to check in at IRC and see if someone is actively managing a page you are interested in changing.

Creating New Documentation

If you would like to create new documentation you may add a new page or pages as necessary on bitweaver. You can then craft them however you like. The only requirement is that you add the "Documentation Under Development" statement at the very top of your page.

Documentation Under Development Statement

This statement must be added to the top of any documentation page that has not been approved as part of bitweaver's Official documentation.

Copy paste this to your page:

^NOTICETHIS DOCUMENTATION IS UNDER DEVELOPMENT AND SHOULD NOT BE RELIED ON. For official documentation please go to the Documentation section of this site.^

It will look like this:
NOTICE: THIS DOCUMENTATION IS UNDER DEVELOPMENT AND SHOULD NOT BE RELIED ON. For official documentation please go to the Documentation section of this site.

Documents Under Development

The following are some of the documentation pages that are under development on If you create a new documentation page and would like others to know about it, you can add it here.