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Events Package Overhauling Plan however that provides a rather restricted view of what should be provided for events. A meeting diary or list of concerts requires a different structure to other types of events.
Basic package provides a means of adding timed events which can be displayed on the CalendarPackage, or listed in time order. A side module allows for coming events during a selectable look ahead period to be displayed, removing the need to remember to update the event diary.
The package can be used as the base for alternate date and time related information management.



by Kozuch, 30 Jun 2008 (09:31 UTC)
Cant edit this page. Maybe it has wrong perms? (:cry:)

Events Category filter

by Vince Mercer, 02 Mar 2010 (21:38 UTC)
Is there are way to filter the type Events? for example, you have an event module. It always shows up ALL events and disregard whether the event Type is a Vacation or a party.

But what if you want two modules... one is showing "Vacation events" and other module shows party events...

There should be a way to do that.
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