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Image Gallery

Fisheye is an advanced, easy to use image gallery, that has some astounding usability features including:
  • delayed batch thumbnail creation
  • multiple simultaneous image uploads
  • very customisable layout settings
  • various image size display options

Gallery Layout Options

A number of layout styles are provided by the the fisheye package, and additional layout styles can easily be integrated if required.

Fixed Grid
The images will be displayed in a fixed grid. You can specify the number of thumbnails to display per page. Selections are provided for number of rows and number of columns to display.

Auto Flow
"The layout of the images on each gallery page will automatically adjust to the browsers width. Selection is provided so that you can specify the total number of thumbnails to display per page.

Position Number
This option allows you to designate each specific image on each page. The image order number entered on the Image Order page will determine the exact location of each image. Fractional numbers indicate PAGE.POSITION and will specifiy variable images per page, such as: 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3

Simple List
This option allows a single column display of images with mime details where available.

Ajax Scroller
This layout uses the mbGallery javascript scrolling picture display. This provides for a smooth sequence of pictures and an avatar based look up chart for selecting a single image. Alternative ajax gallery packages could easily be integrated using this as the basic reference.

This can be set on a gallery by gallery basis, so you can create a list of galleries which then open out into grid or other layouts. In addition, the thumbnail size, if the original image is made available and whether comments can be added to entries can also be controlled on a per gallery basis. Public galleries can also be set up allowing anybody to upload to them. ( See security options for the various methods of controlling uploading and editing content )

A discussion on the advantages of the different display methods has been moved to it's own page Divs vs Tables. Auto flow and ajax scroller use DIV's to handle the display, while the rest use simple tables.

Thumbnail sizes

The upload process automatically creates a set of thumbnail images for any images uploaded, and additional plugins can provide images for PDF and other document formats. The list of sizes created can be modified in the configuration file.The default set-up provides for 5 sizes.
  1. icon 48px by 48px
  2. avatar 100px by 100px
  3. small 160px by 120px
  4. medium 400px by 300px
  5. large 800px by 600px

These work well where images uploaded are 1024x768, but with the high resolution cameras now available, an extra-large size of 1024 by 768 can be a useful 'thumbnail' to renerate as well.


  • Integrate attached Tiki Gallery to Fisheye code


How to link images in galleries in a wiki

by RaZorEdge, 18 Dec 2005 (08:22 UTC)
Can be great if under the image in the gallery, it shows the code to insert the image in a wiki page!

Re: How to link images in galleries in a wiki

by xing, 18 Dec 2005 (11:22 UTC)
good idea. added it.


by eliav eini, 20 Feb 2006 (20:01 UTC)
how about caption lines? it would be a great addition!
something like a plaque beside an piece in an art gallery... like artist info? custom fields?

Re: captions

by xing, 21 Feb 2006 (10:43 UTC)
yes, this would be a nice addition. we also want to extract exif data and display that automatically.

by chab, 10 Nov 2006 (08:37 UTC)
Hi all together,
i care for a working bitweaver system at work and have a little understanding problem. Is it possible to create a gallery in which all users are alloud to upload pictures?

thx 4 help

Commenting on pictures

by Gavin, 18 Jan 2007 (19:05 UTC)
Is there any intention on adding a commenting feature to the individual picture view? I mean so someone can comment on the pictures without having to be the original author? Also, is there a way we can see the hit number in the individual photo page for each picture?

slimbox (lightbox) feature added

by gravyface, 03 May 2007 (21:37 UTC)
I added a mod for FishEye that adds basic slimbox (lightbox) functionality to the galleries. It should be pretty future-proof — it just requires two .tpl files.

Image display sizes

by Loz Hensel, 18 Jan 2009 (15:06 UTC)
Is there a way to alter the default size in which images are displayed when you click on them? I would like them to display sized "large" rather than "medium. Or would I have to alter the size for medium in the css?

Also is there a simple way to stop the Uploaded by, Download original and last modified fields being displayed?

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