Package for integrating Google Analytics

Created by: harimix, Last modification: 17 Dec 2010 (14:04 UTC)
This page is about collecting ideas for integrating Google Analytics with Bitweaver. It also describes feasibility aspects of how to implement this package.


Integrate Google Analytics with Bitweaver.

Development Steps

Basic integration

  • Call GA-trigger for every content
  • Outbound trigger, e.g. for downloading files stored external to Bitweaver.

Advanced features be added...


by Lester Caine, 20 Dec 2010 (19:41 UTC)
harimix ... you would implement this as a service that you install and that should need no changes to any of the core content functions. Also check out the storage options for linking to external data stores.

Some of us will block anything that forces any advertising source such as google into the core code ;)
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