LibertyTag: MM

LibertyTag: MM

Created by: Southpaw, Last modification: 25 Jan 2005 (01:23 UTC)
The {mm} Tag
Only Available in ReleaseOne

The {mm} is used to show a mindmap from the Freemind mindmap application on a wikipage. This will load up a java box and will display the mindmap inside it.

How To Get It Working!

To get the mindmap working, you must first download the freemind-browser zip file found on their sourceforge page Link. Once downloaded, unzip it and find the file called freemindbrowser.jar. You will need create a new folder called freemind in your bitweaver root directory. Upload the file freemindbrowser.jar into the newly created directory.

Once that is done, go into Administration > Liberty > Plugins and make sure the datafreemind plugin is enabled.

You can now go into your wikipage and create a mindmap.

Proper Syntax

You will need a link to your mindmap file. So upload your mindmap file to the server. Copy the location of your mindmap. In your wiki page, enter the following:

{mm src=}

There are 2 more variables you can add into your syntax to determine the height and width of the mindmap if you wish.
height= and width=. Height determines the height in pixels, and width does the same but for width.

Here is an example of how you would use it.

{mm src= height=800 width=600}

In the above, you would create a java box with the height of 800px and the width of 600px.