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MediaBlitz - bitweaver


Strategy, Tactics, and Brainstorming for generating PR for bitweaver

Created by: spiderr, Last modification: 21 Sep 2009 (06:28 UTC) by Edwin
This page is intended to coordinate marketing bitweaver. Please use the descriptions at the bottom of the page if you need some ideas about what to say.

(:arrow:)We need help evangelizing bitweaver, so feel free to add additional row. Please report any evangelizing you do on these sites in the notes column. Have fun.

Outreach Channels

Ordered by avg Alexa 3 month ranking

Last Review
CMS Google 1 2009-08-09 submitted request for inclusion - eclvvin
dmoz.org 774 2009-08-09 request to shift from Frameworks category to CMS submitted - eclvvin
opensourcecms.com 11,778 2009-08-04 Standard comment made. - eclvvin
postgresql.org 13,761 2009-08-07 Waited one day for any objection; then added. - eclvvin
freshmeat 14,223 2009-08-09 request to update from 1.0 to 2.6.1 completed- eclvvin
voip-info.org 21,297 2009-08-04 site built on Bitweaver. thank you sent for referrals - eclvvin
scriptplazza 23,105 2009-08-05 Talking points submitted as comment. - eclvvin
CMS Wire 30,568 2009-08-06 Site admin added to list - eclvvin
php.resourceindex.com 34,573 2009-09-20 updated to 2.6.1 from 1.0 - eclvvin
gscripts.net 46,334 2009-09-20 2009-08-04 request request to update from 1.3.1 to 2.6.1 still unfullfilled - eclvvin
CMS Watch 54,940 2009-08-09 sent email with talking points - eclvvin
PHP Arch 55,090 2009-08-09 sent request for comparison among TWiki, Tikiwiki, and Bitweaveer - eclvvin
CMS Matrix 56,746 2009-09-20 2009-08-09 request to update from 2.0 to 2.6.1 still unfulfilled - eclvvin
framasoft 61,660 2009-09-20 FR - 2009-08-08 emailed maintainer requesting addition of bitweaver still unfulfilled - eclvvin
wikimatrix.org 77,896 2009-08-06 Edited via our acct tto update to 2.6.1 and positive addition to Comments, Conflict Handling, Wiki Farming, Page Redirects, and Analysis categories. - eclvvin
phpwact.org 118,314 2009-08-04 Info up-to-date - eclvvin
La grange net 248,604 2009-08-08 emailed maintainer requesting addition of bitweaver - eclvvin
Content Management Directory 619,963 2009-08-09 link working -eclvvin
CMS Yahoo 2009-08-09 $299 annual cost too rich for my blood

Blogging Bitweaver


For Press Releases

The info in the table below is being transfered to the table above.
Content Manager
EContent Magazine ecnews@ infotoday.com
Metatorial (Bob Boiko)
Content Manager (Germany)
Content Manager (Europe)
Hartman (Netherlands)
Step Two (Australia)
Boomtchak (France)
Clueful (Australia)
BuilderAU (Australia)
submit sourceforge news
submit to newsforge
Hotscripts vote
La grange net pending - wolff_borg - need someone who read's French (I think)
OS com pending - wolff_borg - emailed maintainer to add Bitweaver
CMS Consultants
CMS Wiki
CMS Lists
CMS News
CMS Watch
CMS Forum
Content Wire
Gilbane Report editor @ gilbane.com
Rockley Group moreinfo @ rockley.com
Gerry McGovern

Press Release Sites

http://express-press-release.com/submit-press-release.php $29

Bitweaver Buzz

linuxplanet.com - 101 Great Enterprise Open Source Apps Listed under Content Management 2009-07
linux.com - Interview: Bob Young after Red Hat Connection to Red Hat co-founder 2005-11
c2.com - Review consultancy @c2.com ranks 36,454 on Alexa 2005-11

bitweaver talking points

This is for comment areas, rather than product descriptions.

Bitweaver is listed in Linux World's 101 Great Enterprise Open Source Apps.

What sets Bitweaver apart among the WikiMatrix Top 25 most popular wiki CMS?

Customize Without Fear
Thanks to highly modular and easily extensible design

Speed from end-to-end
From schema design to query utilization to software design

Style Made Easy
Standard compliant XHTML Strict 1.0 and sophisticated tableless CSS

MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and Firebird

Blog, Calendar, Image and File Galleries, Forums, Groups, Tags

bitweaver product descriptions

Here are some sample bitweaver product desciptions to use when posting to sites:

Very brief (under 255 chars, from sourceforge):
Modular CMS framework with: cms, wiki, articles / news, phpBB forum bulletin board, blogs, image photo gallery, file sharing, Tiki & PEAR. TikiWiki upgrade available. PHP, MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, FireBird on Windows & Linux

Brief synopsis is:
bitweaver is a modular CMS framework with: Tiki & PEAR wiki, cms, articles / news, phpBB forum bulletin board, blogs, image photo gallery, file sharing. TikiWiki upgradable. Supports PHP and MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, FireBird on Windows & Linux

Longer one from PressReleaseOne
Bitweaver is an advanced, object-oriented, open source web application framework and content management system written in PHP. Bitweaver uses the ADOdb database abstraction library and Smarty Templates template presentation framework. Originally known as TikiPro and derived from the PHP application known as TikiWiki, bitweaver distinguished itself through thousands of code changes which lead to a high speed, modular, fully customizable web application. Bitweaver prides itself for supporting many Postgres, MySQL, and Firebird databases on Linux, Macintosh, and Windows. Due to its modularity, scalability, data integrity, and stability it is ideally suited for enterprise or large scale, high traffic websites. Its ease of use makes it also ideal for small sites. Learn more at http://www.bitweaver.org

Other longer one from PressReleaseOne
Bitweaver is an advanced, Open Source, Object Oriented, Content Management System (CMS) and Web Application Framework written in PHP. It uses Smarty Templates for a simple HTML based templating system and ADOdb to support a multitude of databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL and Firebird. It's strength lies in it's highly modular and easily extensible design. This high degree of flexibility is considered "large grained modularity" and gives developers freedom to interleave open-source and proprietary code seamlessly.

bitweaver has been designed from the very beginning, for speed from end-to-end: schema design, query utilization, and software design - a highly tuned, performance engine. The use of standard compliant XHTML Strict 1.0 and sophisticated tableless CSS has made bitweaver stand above the rest in the web application world. The well organized, nested style class system gives you substantial freedom with CSS based styling, with the least amount of work.

With bitweaver, you are in control. bitweaver goes out of its way to let you make the decisions and design choices that best suit your problem.


1st comment ;)

by Southpaw, 06 Jun 2005 (08:35 UTC)
I suggest submitting this project to large review sites such as www.opensourcecms.com and other similar sites. A good review done by them would generate a ton of hits.

Also it would be nice to keep a demo on opensourcecms for people to try out this software.

First thoughts

by davidm, 06 Jun 2005 (20:53 UTC)
For reference, the MediaBlitz was born here :
Time to shift gear ! Promote bitweaver !!!

As I said on the forums, the first thing we need to do is build a core of users to bring life to the community.

One of the first thing people will look for arriving here is wether or not they can trust the community to help them and answer questions. It would be a mistake to launch the MediaBlitz thing before we can build this, it could be detrimental to the image of the project.

So the way I see things we could have a two-step plan : first maybe contact current bitweaver users to announce that the project has moved forward significantly and that if not done already, they should check Beta2 out and make their minds (which I am confident they will, given the huge step from alpha).

As for opensourcecms.com, I have mentionned it on the forum, it would be a very important thing to add bitweaver there. I have posted a request to add it a few months ago, but maybe Spider or Xing should do it themselves, since my request had no effect.

Re: First thoughts

by Stephan Borg, 11 Jun 2005 (20:27 UTC)
I looked into putting TP onto http://opensourcecms.com, but one of the requirements are the code is non-beta. In line with their request, I thought it better to hold off until final release of ReleaseOne.

Link building

by Kozuch, 25 Jul 2008 (00:22 UTC)
Forum signatures linking is also a good way of promotion (at least I have a good experience with it). So I encourage folks to just add a link to bw.o to their sigs.

Forums on competitive big CMS projects are the best place to do so in my opinion. Lets name few: Joomla!, Drupal, XOOPS.


by Edwin, 04 Aug 2009 (00:43 UTC)
One way those of us who are not developers can help Bitweaver is to "Adopt-a-Link" from the list above. Agree to review the site to add Bitweaver info or to ensure factual representation of our product.

Perhaps we can add a column where users can add their names and so that we can have a visual manifestation of the appreciation so many of us have for this project.

Blog Evangelism

by Edwin, 05 Aug 2009 (17:07 UTC)
Used Google Blog Search for "Wiki CMS"

Recommended Bitweaver:






What are you doing about India?

by Edwin, 06 Aug 2009 (17:04 UTC)
The following info from Alexa shows that we need to focus intently on India outreach. What media channels, like the recently published PC World India, can we leverage to show India that we are an open project that is very interested in their investment; intellectual or otherwise. As a developer, are there potential customers in India that you are not connecting with?

Bitweaver.org users come from these countries:
26.8% India
22.2% United States
7.6% Germany
4.7% Sweden
2.9% Italy More

Bitweaver.org traffic rank in other countries:
240,879 Canada
275,358 Germany
89,755 India
172,024 Indonesia
179,915 Italy
129,234 Philippines
32,711 Sweden
427,622 United Kingdom
255,835 United States

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