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These are goals for the next major version of bitweaver

Created by: Will, Last modification: 14 Apr 2007 (22:47 UTC) by Kozuch
We have some lofty goals for the next major version of bitweaver: ReleaseTwo. There are several new features that will greatly enhance the core services available to developers. This is a list of features that are targeted to be in R2. Although this is not a guarantee that all these features will make it in, they are all being developed, and most will make it, and if one or two don't they will be available in follow up minor releases.


ProtectorPackage is a simple and fast access restriction service that will allow you to restrict any content item to a particular group.


StarsPackage is a rating system. Using Stars any content can be rated by your site members.


BoardsPackage is a fully integrated forum, that should replace the existing port of phpbb that is used or forum functionality in bitweaver.


With History all content will automatically have Wiki type history logging. When you build a new package with bitweaver, your content will now get all the power of Wiki history automatically.


All content will support translations for several languages. The plan is to tap into Google translator to auto generate the translations. Even more exciting, each translation version of a content item will also be its own content item with its own history, and bitweaver will take care of automatically associating the different language versions so you don't have to.


Right to Left language support will also be available.

User Favorites

User preferences will be upgraded to include favorite content.

Content Item Preferences

Any content item in bitweaver will be able to have its own personal preferences.


User Favorites

by dspt, 07 Apr 2006 (09:04 UTC)
isn't a whatchlist an advanced version of favorites?

IE compliancy

by Kozuch, 27 Sep 2006 (08:36 UTC)
100% Internet Explorer compliancy would be nice for few people (like me (:mrgreen:)). Bitweaver is not able to create full corporate systems like this.

Re: IE compliancy

by xing, 27 Sep 2006 (10:19 UTC)
hi kozuch,

would be very cool of you could help us out with this. many of us don't even have MSIE to test with and any help would be greatly appreciated. if there's any questions on where something is or how it could possibly be fixed, please drop by IRC and we'll point you in the right direction.


User bookmarks and events

by Kozuch, 14 Apr 2007 (22:48 UTC)
I cant see this in R2.

A great job!

by Marat, 03 Sep 2007 (15:41 UTC)
You are doing a wonderful job.
Many thanks to BitWeaver !!

latest version of bitweaver

by Tina, 03 Dec 2008 (10:57 UTC)
What is the latest version of bitweaver?
How do I find the installed version of bitweaver?
What is the difference between the previous and current version of bitweaver?
Im not very good with this tool,please help.

Re: latest version of bitweaver

by Kozuch, 04 Dec 2008 (18:32 UTC)
Latest stable version is 2.0.2, latest Release Candidate is 2.1. The version installed is shown in "bitweaver info" module (by kernel package) which is shown in the top of right column defaultly after instalation. The differencies from previous (1.3.1) and current (2.0.2) releases are just shown on this wiki page. I do not know what the new features for 2.1 will be.
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