bitweaver Web Application Framework

Created by: spiderr, Last modification: 14 May 2006 (20:31 UTC) by Kozuch
bitweaver is an application framework for content management. It is open source, object oriented, and written in PHP. We use Smarty Templates and ADOdb to support many databases.

Your Custom Code + Pristine Source = bitweaver! - A modular web framework and content management system with power, flexibility, and simplicity.

Download bitweaver

Now that you know something about the background of bitweaver, we're sure you're itching to give it a shot. Give our demo site a try or just go ahead and download and install it right away! Visit bitweaverRequirements for information on the server requirements.

The latest and greatest is ReleaseOne. If you should need help with bitweaver or further documentation, please visit the bitweaver Documentation Project.


We have recently completely revamped all the internationalisation code and added some unique features including an easy to use interface for translating strings and collecting untranslated strings into the language database. This means that modifications and additions to the code can easily be updated by anyone right here on our site and then exported and imported on your own server. This benefits all users and makes translations a community driven project without the need for geeky third party applications or having to dig around crazy translation files.
If you are interested in helping us translate bitweaver into any language, please join the conversation and we will give you translator permissions.

Application Framework

Interested in developing your PHP application around the bitweaver Framework? We have a Developers FAQ which will quickly guide you on the most common aspects of integration. There are other pages such as UpgradingToLiberty and PortingTikiWikiPackages, which you may find useful, along with our API documentation (insert link here).

TikiPro has become bitweaver

TikiPro was renamed to bitweaver on the 6th of June 2005. This was a crucial date since it was also the first release we are happy with. our hard labour has paid off and we have decided to take over the web by surprise - a blitz, if you will.


bitweaver is licensed under the GNU LGPL. Some packages are GPL.
Postings to are copyrighted by their authors.


Cool Beans

by , 26 Apr 2005 (16:02 UTC)

Beta2 is really cool

by Karl Steinam, 15 May 2005 (16:05 UTC)
while beta1 had many little caveeats, the beta2 really rocks. Just installed on and it runs out of the box with no problem.

Good work


LULU site to left...

by marc trimble, 25 May 2005 (04:30 UTC)
Is that whole thing generated in bitweaver? No...can't be...fargin great!

Re: LULU site to left...

by spiderr, 26 May 2005 (16:27 UTC)
Yes, Everything under is all bitweaver, as is every Lulu storefront, such as or or the hundred thousand+ other storefronts. However, Lulu authoring and commerce is not part of bitweaver. They (and bitweaver) do millions of page views per month.

Re: LULU site to left...

by Benediktus, 14 Jun 2006 (04:59 UTC)
Is used Bitcommerce too? or another online bookstore management system?


distributed authentication, OpenID ?

by , 30 May 2005 (16:59 UTC)
Is anyone already working on integrating shared user profiles and login systems? There is a PHP library which claims to make that fairly easy (OpenID).

demo site still works?

by , 23 Jun 2005 (04:04 UTC)
Is the demo site link still working? I am new to tikipro, oh bitweaver,
and I'd like to try the demo first. Thanks.

Site looks great, as does update

by Rhonda Jessen, 05 Jan 2006 (22:08 UTC)
The changes to the site layout really help with navigation and finding documentation, thanks. And the new version is great, thanks for all your hard work.

good work!

by shane, 26 Feb 2010 (17:07 UTC)
good work!
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