PluginProposal-EyeCandy NeonText

Created by: Lee LaMont Bell Jr., Last modification: 19 Jul 2005 (10:31 UTC)


This is a proposal page for the EyeCandy NeonText Data Plugin (ECNT). Any information given here is subject to change without notification. This Plugin does Not Exist at this time.


I came to the conclusion that bitweaver is far too stoic and really NEEDS some EyeCandy to liven things up a bit.
That happened when I added the NOTICE stating that a Proposed Plugin had been created on PluginProposal-HideText

Naming the Plugin

I think that any & all Plugins that are added simply for it's visual effect (EyeCandy) should be Grouped together. For that reason - any that I write will be named: EyeCandy Effect and use a shorter Tag (In this case: The Plugin's Name is EyeCandy NeonText and it's Tab would be ECNT)

The Search

There are Literally Thousands and Thousands of Free pieces of EyeCandy written in JavaScript. There are 2 problems with most of these:
  1. We Need Cross-Browser Support
  2. Most JavaScript files require that Something be added to the Head Section of the page.
While that eliminates most of them / how do you do a search for it?

A Solution

Found 2 files that should work for this.
These files are simular and it shouldn't be hard to combine them into one Plugin

Check Them Out