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This page was linked from Release2, and should descruibe the features of the Protector Package.

Hopefully the developer of this package will share the plan for comments. (:mrgreen:)
Added in line \lsces - Protector is a service SEE ALSO ProtectorService for the documentation!

  • users without permission to see page should not be able to know page exists.
    • eg. doesn't show in recent changes, page search, list of categories, (visible in backlinks is okay, because if page refers to x then viewers of x should be able to know.)

The basic plan for Protector was to provide a means of segregating content much as defined in this note. It works off the group selection, so all content is visible until it is assigned to a group. Once assigned to a group, only a member of that group can see it. The basic requirement was that all functions such as wiki, articles, fisheye and any other liberty content should be visible to anoymous users, but they only see a subset of content. Once registered, additional content can be seen, but with some groups of material still hidden. Only once a member is assigned to that group can that groups content be seen.
An example 'sub-group' would be moderator, so that un-moderated content is hidden until it gets moved to another group. Approvel of articles would work the same way. This conflicts with the other approaches being taken to implement those facilities, but if the Protector code is implemented properly then any other package should be able to use it!

  • password protected pages is good - i like this feature because it adds confidence for end users who want privacy. (it is much easier than promising a client their page is private.
THAT is not part of Protector - except that private groups can only be joined via approved routes, and ANY content item that is assigned to a group that the current user is not a member of should be omited from view in any content display function!

  • the current permission package is very confusing in its UI but seems to work well. It was not at all clear to me how the permission levels worked.
I don't believe there is any other method that actually HIDES content from unauthorised users


Where to get it?

by Michal Švarný, 06 Mar 2011 (19:49 UTC)
This package is one that I would really need for my website. Is somewhere accessible? Please, it's really crucial for my project. Thanks!
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