For simple content up or down voting

Created by: Will, Last modification: 30 Jun 2008 (09:29 UTC) by Kozuch
With recommends package installed site users can do simple up or down voting on content, like blog posts, wiki pages, articles, whatever. RecommendsPackage is similar to StarsPackage but more simple and generally is intended for ranking the immediate value of new content.

RecommendsPackage was inspired by recommend features common to other blogging software today. Recommends works by allowing users to vote on new content for a limited period of time. When enough recommendation votes are cast, the content is added to a "recommended" list. That recommended content then stays on that list for a limited period of time. Of course all these time periods and the quota requirements for content making the recommended list, and what content can be voted on, are all configurable in the package's administration panel.

You can get the recommends package by checking out module _bit_recommends from cvs.