Ideas and sketchpad for future enhancements

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  • Consolidate queries. A lot of queries can be rewritten and consolidated.
  • Profile queries using slow-query mysql logging, and ADODB profiling tools.
  • Optimize queries for speed.
  • Possibly write some classes so all SQL queries could be in one file and be much easier to optimize.
  • Allow user table sharing so same users are on related sites.

- Add check boxes for pings to major directories like Technocrati, and
- Add Atom API support
- Be able to promote blog enteries to the front page.

- Newsletter\'s content should be database driven.
- Integrate PHPList?

Tiki Cloud:
- Create tiki cloud similar to Drupals to keep track of all the different TP sites.
- Could keep track of stats of different sites.
- Related to Database issue above about sharing info between sites in same DB?

- Implement phpUnit for testing of core and packages
- Relies on all coding to be in classes, possibly a nice-to-have for ReleaseOne

- implement FeaturePackages and/or PackageVisionBtodoroff
- consider implementing phpGACL
- browser specific css import
- implement cascading icon themes
- remove duplicate and extra queries during page views
- remove kernel dependencies of packages
- auto-generate Admin panel/Menus/Feature list
- centralisation of pagination (


Does PHPUnit really requirea that tested code is Object Oriented

by Jan Lindåker, 02 Nov 2004 (16:34 UTC)
Does PHPUnit really requirea that tested code is Object Oriented(:question:)

I unfortunately does not have PHPUnit before me when I'm writing this, but with CppUnit it is possible to test procedural code too (read C).

Just my 0.02 Euros
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