Log of changes in bitweaver ReleaseOne

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This page lists changes in functionality and bug fixes for ReleaseOne. If you are looking for something else, you may want to see:
  • ReleaseOneSchemaChangelog for alterations to the database schema
  • TemplateChangelog for system wide alterations to the templates
  • CssChangelog for alterations to the CSS classes

Changes in Release 1.3.1

  • Security fixes to .htaccess in temp and storage to prevent vulnerability for misconfigured servers (which some linux distro's are by default). /spider and /xing
  • Cleanup _GET global for security /xing
  • Update ADODB to 1.90 /xing
  • Update phpBB to 2.0.20 /southpaw
  • Add proper handling of URI constant and add HTML BASE for cleaner handling of newsletter sending /wolff_borg
  • Fix wiki page cache /wolff_borg
  • backport compatibility for R2 registerPackage calls, add ability to override default user class for gBitUser /spider
  • Get object permissions working /xing
  • cleanup bitweaver.js /wolff_borg
  • fix newsletter sending and tending /wolff_borg
  • add IS_LIVE to last page of installer /xing
  • Added more info and debugging to thumbnailer. /KainX
  • CalendarPackage merge patch from HEAD, and fix conflict with mod_package_search /Hash9
  • fixed rss caching /xing
  • small bug fixes here and there...

Changes in Release 1.3

  • package added newsletters to pile of released packages

Changes in Release 1.2.1

xing changes

  • feature - modify LibertyStructure::getSubTree() to use fewer database calls
  • feature - use gzip compression for javascript files if available
  • feature - add permission maintenance pages to installer and groups and permissions pages
  • feature - use mygosu dynamic trees for structure reorganisation
  • tidy - tidy up user interface and usabillity in group permission assignment page
  • upgrade - phpBB to version 2.0.19
  • upgrade - geshi to
  • upgrade - smarty to 2.6.11
  • upgrade - smarty to 2.6.12
  • upgrade - adodb to 4.7.0
  • upgrade - markdown syntax format parser to 1.0.1c
  • upgrade - use ie7 hacks to fix msie browser incompatability issues]

Changes in Release 1.2.0

xing changes

  • upgrade - tinymce to version 2.0.1
  • upgrade - phplot to latest version - 5.0 RC 2
  • feature - add more graphing options to stats package
  • feature - add new prototype javascript library
  • feature - add very basic javascript debugger, that can be expanded as needed
  • feature - add option to interactively translate website
  • tidy - all javascript expecially previously implemented ajax stuff, make javascript menus accessible
  • fix - wiki page comments
  • fix - rewrite and fix { img }
  • fix - article rankings
  • package - add very basic ajax based chat package: ChatterboxPackage

Changes in Release 1.1.0

spider changes

  1. FEATURE - add magickwand support as an image processor for Liberty.
  2. BUG - fix page titles on phpBB
  3. BUG - Allow alternative to "delete" in batch edit that will only remove the image it appears in other galleries.
  4. BUG - fix RollbackTrans to actuall *do* something since we were using the wrong calls before
  5. TIDY - move all depracted functions to a commented block, will nuke as soon as we realize we don't need them anymore

xing changes

  • package - get ArticlesPackage ready. should probably be destributed with this upcoming release. still need upgrader...
  • package - PigeonholesPackage is ready for release
  • tidy - revisted chemokine theme and rewrote it
  • tidy - rewrote entire RSSPackage
  • bug - SQL error when searching wiki orphan pages

KainX changes

  • bug - Moved template assignment for $gLibertySystem to after plugin scan
  • bug - Added template assignment for $gBitSystem just before display() method call

Changes in Release 1.0.4

general improvement release - 2005-09-12

xing changes

  1. removed $gBitLoc. should clear up some memory
  2. add a nexus modules cache cleanup link and rewrite entire module chache on menu save.
  3. fix content selection dropdown and selection in edit structures page.
  4. made structures and liberty include pages more useful for packages other than wiki.
  5. migrate pigeonholes and nexus to LibertyServices.

spider changes

  1. migration of service packages to LibertyServices, and implemenation of LibertyServices architecture
  2. (:exclaim:) Modified with: var $dropTable = 'DROP TABLE %s CASCADE'; so REPLACE would work. Submitted fix back to ADODB mainline, and hopefully it will get taken
  3. fix gatekeeper editing bugs

Changes in Release 1.0.3

Security release - 2005-08-02

xing changes

  1. extend options for top_bar menu in nexus
  2. fix security issue with unpurged html in tikiwiki format parser in 1.0.2.
  3. html in tikiwiki format parser now a global option settable in liberty plugins page

Changes in Release 1.0.2

bugfix release - 2005-07-30

spiderr changes

  1. FIX: site closed feature
  2. REFACTOR: getting inline registration working for BitcommercePackage. migrated register code to new BitUser::register() function to avoid code duplication
  3. FEATURE: add send_welcome_email feature that will automatically email users upon registration with login info for their records
  4. FIX: fix message box sorting by From
  5. FIX: prevent fetching of tempaltes from disabled or missing packages
  6. SECURITY: update phpBB .htaccess to prevent known vulnerability techniques.
  7. FIX: Fix upgrade issues
  8. FIX: Fix FisheyePackage privacy when using GatekeeperPackage security, added some optional support for badass postgresql connectby function for sites that turn that on - for details see bitweaverPerformance

southpawz changes

  1. SECURITY: update phpBB to 2.0.17

hawkGG changes

  1. get zh-cn language up to date

wolff_borg changes

  1. Ported Galaxia to Bitweaver - still requires template standardisation
  2. Made necessary changes to run Bitweaver on IIS 5 / MS-SQL 8
  3. FIX: Fixed broken ~np~ tags
  4. FIX: CODE plugin was not formatting correctly

xing changes

  1. nexus menus can now be used to replace top_bar menu

Changes in Release 1.0.1

bugfix release - 2005-07-06

spiderr changes

  1. UsersPackage - we now retain username (users_users.login) case, however, login is now completely case insensitive for username or email login (passwords ARE case sensitve as always)
  2. FisheyePackage - Ensure image dimensions in database are correct on export, fix image rotation after store to avoid crushing of width/height for background thumbnailer sites
  3. Fix missing prefix in comment system - particuarly noticeable in blogs.

wolff_borg changes

  1. Fixed logout bug - not redirecting properly

xing changes

  • changed layout of themes in themes manager - now themes have image and description
  • fixed blog preview to use actual blog display template not individual preview template
  • fixed search issues with toc data plugin

Changes in Release 1.0

first official bitweaver release! - 2005-06-22

spiderr changes

  1. Cleaned out a lot of wiki edit.php and nuked index_p.php and index_raw.php
  2. fixed Language Leakage bug (was actually improperly set templates_c directory)
  3. move from fHomepage=foodood to home=foodoo in the GET url params, keep backward compatibility with fHomepage
  4. improve admin users find to be case insensitve and to search real_name and email
  5. add assume user for adminsitrators and clean up admin users
  6. thorough cleaning of shoutbox so they can be nicely used on user homepages. regsitered users can now edit and delete any message they posted, or delete any message posted to their personal homepage shoutbox
  7. messaging system (messu) has been bitweaver-ified
  8. Major performance improvements to Wiki history, and pageExists function that looks up a pages forward links.

southpawz changes

  1. Updated phpBB to 2.0.15 - you will need to run /phpbb/install/update_to_latest.php on your local install if you are updating from a previous release of bitweaver

xing changes

  • cleaned up a ton of templates including ones still untouched from bonnie, including entire messu system and articles.
  • fixed faulty mysql recognition logic in installer
  • converted several searches to case insensitive searches using UPPER() and strtoupper()
  • fixed wrong duplicate translation of module titles
  • added option to delete master string with associated translations
  • added option to only show untranslated strings
  • added feature_left_column and feature_right_column back into the layout page and added those options to _p_tp_multisites as well.
  • improved page history display and added pagination
  • added bitweaver compatible phpbb theme. should work with any theme of bitweaver and inherit style.
  • added option to display nickname instead of real name sitewide. requires that displayname recieves login AND real_name to work.
  • modulte titles can now all be overridden by title setting in layout page
  • added version checker

Changes in Beta 2

xing changes

  1. Removed link to custom menu pages and we added the NexusPackage to ReleaseOne release instead 2005-04-23
  2. modified native theme dramatically to have fluid width columns
  3. added package multisites to devclyde - allows multihoming setup with limited settings that can be applied to each domain.

spiderr changes

  1. Do not add self hits to tiki_content
  2. Add re-order gallery to fisheye
  3. fixed Batch User Import
  4. TikiUser::getDisplayUrl is now consistent with the LibertyContent API, and it now supports "override_user_url" (formerly it was override_user_link which was only used in kernel/smarty_tiki/function.displayname.php
  5. changes to default groups:
  • there can now be multiple "is_default" groups so a user can be added to multiple groups when registering. This is useful when combined with quotas or galaxia roles, etc.
  • the users "default group" now works, and it's home page is chosen if that group has one defined
  • there is a system tiki_preference for the default group used for the home page if the user is a member of that group and their default group has no home page

wolff_borg changes

  • Moved modules and layout default code to a per package system (see ModuleLayout for example) 2005-04-30

Changes in Alpha 3

spiderr changes

  • Massive permissions clean up that removed 50% of page load queries - see SchemaChangelog for database changes
  • Clean up groups admin UI
  • Clean up modules UI and groups functionality
  • removed wiki/last_changes.php since functionality is duplicate to wiki/list_pages.php

xing changes

  • added css driven dropdown menus based on suckerfish - currently avalable for the topbar only. functionality for application menus should be easy as well - see CssChangelog - 2004-12-13
  • CSS dropdowns now seem to be working ok for the topbar menu. next, i'll try to convert the side menus to dropdowns as well - 2004-12-19

Changes in Alpha 2

xing changes

  • added BitTabs to the system - xing
  • improving the way forms display data using various smarty tags for forms (too many to list) - xing
  • using above form system and tabs on many (especially admin) form pages - xing
  • using overlib for formhelp popups - xing
  • major revamp of installer - xing

spiderr changes

  • Fix user homepage and profiles - spiderr
  • Fixed lots of wiki admin settings - spiderr
  • Created wiki plugin to allow embedding of arbitrary PackageLiberty attachments into blogs - spiderr
  • Improved blogs to auto concatenate uploaded image to inline blog post text - spiderr
  • Pretty URLs (mod_rewrite based) have been implemented for blogs and users - spiderr
  • {displayname} smarty function can take hash= paramter, or separate as user=, real_name=, user_id=, etc. - spiderr
  • Installer improvements: prevent destroying stuff on re-install and resetting the admin user so adding packages later is safe. also demand admin login if already installed - spiderr
  • tiki_structures was to Liberty from wiki and generalized with content_id's for both schema and code. This is will provide a generalized tree structure for any Liberty content object - spiderr
  • Content Types have been moved to the derived classes so they can now completely manage their content types. - spiderr
  • cleanup of watches code, however they are still broken, so the checkbox as been temporarily disabled until we get around to fixing it right
  • all templates should have be changed from page={$page} to page_id={$pageInfo.page_id}
  • PackagePDF - move settings to admin page - so settings are site wide and admin controlled, clean up pdf_lib to be more conformat with a renamed TikiPdf.php class with load/store methods, etc.
  • Fix page_history. Was broken everywhere. gutted hist_lib and condensed to 3 functions in TikiPage.

Southpaw(z) changes

  • phpBB 2.0.10 upgraded from 2.0.6 -Southpawz
  • phpBB 2.0.10 upgrade to 2.0.11 - Southpawz
  • Created {mm src=} wiki plugin to allow embedding of freemind files ( — Note: You must download the freemind viewer .jar yourself and add it to the directory ../mindmap/ in the root TP dir.

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