Ideas for a package to implement Spaces in Bitweaver

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This page is about collecting ideas of implementing "Spaces" in Bitweaver.

Definition and aspects of a Space

A space groups all content of any type like wiki pages, articles or blog posts which belong to one context.

Every space has its own context of:
  • homepage
  • namespace
  • permissions
  • presentation (layout and style)

Use cases for Spaces be continued...


by Lester Caine, 20 Dec 2010 (19:43 UTC)
Check out GroupsPackage and MultisitesPackage for some of the options for creating different 'context' areas in a single site.

Re: Use Cases

by Bobby Richardson, 21 Mar 2011 (09:05 UTC)
I like this idea of being able to group content within broader ranges. I see categories and tags as being too granular for some uses.

by Richard Be-Involved, 12 Aug 2011 (21:55 UTC)
Complete newbie to BitWeaver, used to Wikipedia, Wiktionary, which have namespaces (but a limited number), where namespaces can be used to narrow searches. Usually to narrow to main content, not all the internal discussions, user spaces etc.

Also, I was hoping to allocate namespaces to different groups, and set up permissions accordingly. Is there another way in BitWeaver? Will be looking for it.

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