Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 29 Sep 2012 (16:03 UTC)
It looks like I've lost the original of this at some point. It needs recreating ...

In the original CMS system this is 'ticket management', but that name gets used for information posted to a bug tracker system. The CMS systems really do have tickets. You take one when you enter an office and will get called to a counter by the relevant ticket number. The Enquirysolve sitewill provide a lot more on a real ticketing system.

While originally designed to handle callers to an office, the ticket package was evolved to handle similar time related activity. Each 'ticket' builds up an associated list of 'transactions' so the various times actions are carried out can be recorded along with who actioned them. The records waiting and serving times on an office visit, or travel times and times on site when tracking an alarm callout.