Why others are using bitweaver, and why you should too!

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/spider, founder and a lead dev says why he uses bitweaver:

"First and foremost, I need the large grain modularity so I can make my own packages and also remain with CVS for core code. Second, I need postgres support. I do not know of a CMS/Framework that offers that besides bitweaver."

/KainX says:

"I chose BW because of its superior modularity in design and faster operation (as a result thereof), not because other projects are "beginning to atrophy." Most CMS's can help you get a site up and running quickly. BW wins IMHO with its package/service engine. Instead of having to choose between a butter knife and a swiss army knife, you can build your own custom knife out of only the swiss army parts you need."

/lphuberdeau says

"bw's modularity is probably the best I've seen in a CMS simply because the modules can affect the rest of the application and not only be used as blocks"

/hawkeye07 says:

"i love bw because i can rapidly build websites simply and easily. mostly used to promote projects or hobbies"

/xing says:

"The smarty themeing system and its inidividual template file override method was great when it was still tikiwiki, however, the CSS naming conventions used to force webdesigners to deal with CSS files larger than 50kb in length. The reworked templates, the redesigned CSS schema and the logical approach to the nested selectors and the XHTML Strict 1.0 compliance have improved this to a level of professionalism and simplicity seen nowhere else."

/dspt says:

"valid XHTML and div-based layout is quite in contrast to usual table-crowded quirks approach of other CMS. I get aesthetic pleasure of working with clean and semantically well-formed code"

/mlpvolt says:
"Bitweaver is very close to my vision of the Ultimate Wiki CMS, it is not just an online knowledgebase or encyclopeidia, it is a excellent tool for community building, easy to use, easy to customize, easy to learn. "

Why do you use bitweaver? Leave your thoughts here...


by SV1, 15 Apr 2006 (08:55 UTC)
The optional use of a wide variety of databases allows for scalibility if necessary. There are many good reasons to use bitweaver, try it out and you'll see why.
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