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Determining bitweaver Correctness
For some volunteer testers, determining when a given behavior is correct may be a challenge:
  • At the time of writing, our development methodology does not include formal requirements specifications, so the tester cannot refer to them to determine correctness of operation.
  • Another source for determining correctness is often users’ manuals. We do not yet have a body of user documentation for bitweaver. However, since the functionality of Bitweaver has not diverged beyond comparison to TikiWiki, it should be possible to get some idea of how to configure and operate Bitweaver from the TikiWiki online documentation at
  • A third source of information to help understand bitweaver’s intended operation is to ask experienced users. These may be found on the #bitweaver or even #tikiwiki IRC channels (although bitweaver operation is somewhat different than TikiWiki, it is similar).
  • A fourth source of information is the developers responsible for the refactoring of bitweaver. (Most notably spiderr and UserPagebtodoroff )


Improving documentation

by Lester Caine, 19 Jul 2008 (04:03 UTC)
One of the reasons I try to keep the phpdocs api material up to date is that it provides a useful way ( for me ) to track how code is being implemented, and more important how the class structure is being followed. There are currently a few areas where the code does not follow the base methods particularly well.
API documentation
But one of the main things that was added in the last 'round' was adding the information pages such as liberty but links like fisheye have not made it to the copy yet.
The main problem is still the lack of front end information, something which I have been working on as I need them. Such as Configuring multisites and my development notes for FisheryPackage
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