System requirements for a bitweaver site

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Server Settings Checker

Download the server settings checker below, upload it to your server and point your browser at it. This should give you an overview of your servers settings and will allow you to determine if bitweaver can be installed on the server:

Generic Requirements

Bitweaver is written in PHP and thus requires PHP and a webserver such as Apache or IIS

Operation Systems Supported

Any system that can run a webserver and a database can run bitweaver. The most common ones include:
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Mac

Databases Supported

You will need access to a table on any one of these databases:

PHP Settings

The settings below are required by bitweaver to run. If any of these settings are not met, you will have to change these before you can continue with the installation process.

Required settings

Make sure that
  • PHP version is greater than 4.1.0.
    (Firebird installations require PHP5 for enhanced driver module).
  • Required PHP Modules (Libraries support) :
    • zlib compression support is available.
    • php_session (default on most distros except suse)
    • An image process ( gd or ImageMagick )
  • the configuration file 'kernel/config_inc.php' is available and the file is writeable by web server.
  • the directories 'storage/' and 'temp/' are writeable too.

Recommended settings

The following are settings that aren't strictly required by bitweaver to run, but are recommendations.

However, bitweaver will still operate if your settings do not quite match those recommended.

==Setting== ==Should Be==
Memory Limit at least 16M
Safe Mode OFF
Display Errors ON
File Uploads ON
Magic Quotes GPC OFF
Magic Quotes Runtime OFF
Magic Quotes Sybase OFF
Register Globals OFF
Output Buffering OFF
Session auto start OFF

Recommended Extensions

bitweaver takes advantage of particular PHP extensions for full functionality. If any of these extensions are not available to bitweaver, particular features might not work and it might even render particular packages useless.

eAccelerator increases the efficiency of php by caching and optimising queries. Using this extension will greatly increase your servers performance and reduce the memory needed to run bitweaver.

gd Libraries are used to manipulate images. We use these libraries to create thumbnails and convert images from one format to another. The GD libaries are quite limited and don't support a number of image formats including bmp. If you are planning on uploading and using a lot of images, we recommend you use one of the other image processors.
If you are running Red Hat or Fedora Core, you can try running: yum install php-gd.

MagickWand the newer php extension for ImageMagick. For installation help, please view our online documentation: ImageMagick and MagickWand installation instructions or visit the ImageMagick homepage.

Recommended PEAR Extensions

PEAR provides extensions to php, which can easily be installed and updated using the pear interface on linux. None of the extenstions below are required, they always provide an alternative to the existing methods available. Often these alternatives are superior to the default methods.

To make use of PEAR extensions, you need to make sure that PEAR is installed and the include_path is set in your php.ini file.

The PEAR::Auth package allows you to authenticate users on your website.
Install using this command:
pear install --onlyreqdeps Auth;

Having PEAR::Text_Wiki installed will make more wiki format parsers available. The following parsers will be recognised and used: Text_Wiki_BBCode, Text_Wiki_Cowiki, Text_Wiki_Creole, Text_Wiki_Doku, Text_Wiki_Mediawiki, Text_Wiki_Tiki
"Install using this command:"
pear install --onlyreqdeps Text_Wiki_BBCode Text_Wiki_Cowiki Text_Wiki_Creole Text_Wiki_Doku Text_Wiki_Mediawiki Text_Wiki_Tiki;

PEAR::Text_Diff makes inline diffing of content available.
"Install using this command:"
pear install --onlyreqdeps Text_Diff;

Pear::Image_Graphviz makes the {graphviz} plugin available. With it you can draw maps of how your wiki pages are linked to each other. This can be used for informational purposes or a site-map.
It also requires the application graphviz to be installed as well.
"Install using this command:"
pear install --onlyreqdeps Image_Graphviz;

HTMLPurifier is an advanced system for defending against Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attacks and ensuring that all code on your site is standards compliant. It is highly recommended if you are going to allow HTML submission to your site. It is not required if you are only going to use a wiki format like tikiwiki or bbcode. You alse need to enable it in the liberty plugins administration after installation. See HTMLPurifier and for more information.
"Install using this command:"
pear channel-discover;
pear install hp/HTMLPurifier;

Treasury - the file manager of bitweaver - can make use of PEAR::HTTP_Download to provide more reliable downloads and download resume support when using a download manager.
"Install using this command:"
pear install --alldeps HTTP_Download;

PEAR extensions can be installed in any of these ways:

Recommended Software

These files are not mandatory but will enable you to perform certain tasks. We generally try to avoid using external applications, but sometimes it's the easiest and quickest way to achieve a certain goal.

Please bear in mind that certain bitweaver features will not be available if the applications bitweaver uses are not available (e.g.: if unzip is not available, .zip files cannot be processed after uploading them).

GhostScript is an interpreter for the PostScript language and for PDF and is used to create PDF previews when uploading PDFs to fisheye. If you do not have this installed, previews of PDF files will not be generated on upload.

Tarball is a common archiving format on Linux and tar is used to extract .tar files.

Bzip is a common compression format on Linux and bzip2 is used to extract .bz2 and in combination with tar .tar.bz2 file.

Gzip is a common compression format on Linux and gzip is used to extract .gz and in combination with tar .tar.gz file.

Zip is a common compression format on all operating systems and unzip is used to extract .zip files.

Rar is a common compression format on all operating systems and unrar is used to extract .rar files.

Graphviz is a way of representing structural information as diagrams of abstract graphs and networks and visualizing that representation. It is used by the {graphviz} liberty plugin and you only need to install it if you intend to enable that plugin.
"The Pear::Image_Graphviz plugin is required as well."

Settings worth knowing about

The following settings are merely for your information and are meant to help you work out problems that might occur.

File Uploads specifies whether you are allowed to upload files
recommended On.

Maximum post size will restrict the size of files when you upload a file using a form
recommended 8M.

Upload max filesize is related to maximim post size and will also limit the size of uploads
recommended 8M.

Maximum execution time is related to time outs in PHP - affects database upgrades and backups
recommended 60.


Maximum Memory 8 MB

by Herbert Malzahn, 27 Jun 2008 (08:20 UTC)
Is there any possibility to run Bitweaver without 16 MB?
My Provider is not willing to change from 8 MB to 16 MB.So my Site
isnt able to start

Re: Maximum Memory 8 MB

by Stephan Borg, 01 Jul 2008 (22:42 UTC)
Try posting your comment on the bitweaver developers mailing list.

Re: Maximum Memory 8 MB

by Randy Covington, 24 Jul 2008 (03:34 UTC)
Get host account that will accommodate at Been hosting there for 9 months, top notch service and servers.

PHP 5.3

by ByteKiller, 26 Aug 2009 (05:30 UTC)
php 5.3.0 is not supported???!!!
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