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This function generates HTML code that adds a date picker to an HTML form. Depending on Bitweaver settings (Administration/Themes/Theme Settings) this can be the ordinary Smarty way of date/time picking (see html_select_date and html_select_time functions) or a nice javascript calendar.


nameThe name of the inputfield. Use this to identify the date/datetime input from other inputs. (will be used for <input name="...), defaults to 'date'.
showtimedefines whether you need a date or datetime picking method. Set to 'true' or 'false', defaults to 'true'.
timeThe time value to be displayed, in the format given in the format parameter. Defaults to the current system time.
formatThe datetime format used to display/return the timestamp. Defaults to the user's preference on the Bitweaver system.


<div class="row">
formlabel label="End" for="end"}
forminput}{bit_select_datetime name='event[end]' time=$gContent->mInfo.end}{/forminput}

Later, in the PHP file processing that form's request, use this to evaluate the setting:


See also

  • function_html_select_date
  • function_html_select_time
  • function_jscalendar
  • function_showDate
  • Smarty Functions&lt;/body&gt;&lt;/html&gt;" />


by Lester Caine, 06 Dec 2008 (04:48 UTC)
Care has to be taken with the return value for this. Unless correctly formatted, an incorrect value will be returned.
See Time Management
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