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by mustafa, 07 Aug 2006 (15:59 UTC)
hi, how can i put google adsense codes all the blog pages or all the pages of the bitweaver ????

please help

Re: adsense

by xing, 08 Aug 2006 (07:34 UTC)
we have a section on this in the FAQ pages:
How do i add google adsense to all my pages?


by Ken Kellner, 31 May 2007 (14:04 UTC)
My name is Ken Kellner, and I am about to launch a massive wiki - blog project with a middle school in Virginia.
Allow me to tell you what I need.

1) I want to be able to customize my site so that there is no New Page option for members?
2) I want to be able to customize my site so that there is no Help option for members?
3) I want to be able to customize my site so that there is no Discussion tab for members?
4) I want to be able to customize my site so that there is no Notify tab for members?

1 - 4 are all security issues - I am sure you understand that a middle school CAN NOT have unadulterated unmoderated kids messaging each other!

5) I need simple WYSIWYG operation that Middle School Kids (and their teachers) can understand.
6) Moderated blog like dashboard would be great
7) Lot's of storage - 1000 users
8) A price that will please my principal
9) We can't have other wikisites inviting us to join their sites - no spam - no random wiki surfers trying to lure my students in.

Student sample

Re: Help

by Kozuch, 21 Sep 2007 (07:45 UTC)
I am not sure whether you are looking for open source software or rather for a ready web service. Stop by at our forums or on IRC if you want your questions answered or want more info! (:wink:)

Re: Help

by James Pickens, 26 Nov 2007 (02:04 UTC)
I am a high school teacher who teaches networking and web design. I have several servers running at my school for all different purposes. feel free to contact me and we could work together on this. I am setting up a similar project and will be using bitweaver to accomplish this. I have joined this bbs and my username is pickensj

PublicPIM and BitWeaver

by James M.Orr, 06 Oct 2007 (16:10 UTC)
Good Afternoon, Didn't find an email

Googling to find people with tools, talent, or an interest who might be able to enhance our freeware application PublicPIM.

Would offer it as another example to use for developing applications.

Structure is all Many to Many on MySQL.

Even if you disagree with our oncology, we would appreciate an answer and permission to link to your site from our help file and Website as a tool available which allows an enduser to enhance the capabilities of our Website Database Application.

Best Regards,

James M.Orr

My Home Page

by Jose, 27 Mar 2011 (07:42 UTC)
New users I try (registered or admin) don´t have the nenu MyHomePage only Edit MyHomePage to create one but after submite creation don´t see MyHomePage menu but still editMyHomePage.
Thank you in advance

Security Issue

by Unknown, 11 Dec 2013 (08:47 UTC)
Kindly email me for more details.
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