just a quick sample of the tabs plugin

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ADDTABS is a Plugin that can be used to display multiple pages within another page as a row of tabs.

{addtabs tab1=294 tab2=171 tab3=284}


Browser compatibility

by , 05 May 2005 (06:50 UTC)
Mac os X:

Seams to work well with Camino (0.8.4 tested) And should therefore work nicely in firefox and mozilla as well.
Opera should also work hence to similarity to clients on other oses.

Seams not to work with Safari (1.3 tested). Safari displays no tabs but shows the three tabbed pages one after the other on one page instead. I belive the Safari issues could be solved without much effort.

MSIE 5.2.3 does not seam to find any css information for pages of the site and thus gives a disastorous output.

Seams to work fine in Firefox (1.0.3 tested), Mozilla (1.7.7 tested) and Opera (8 tested)

Seams not to work with Konqueror (3.2.5-5.8 Red Hat tested). Konqueror is very much like Safari for Mac OS X regarding these tabs.

-- Helge --
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