CVS on Windows

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Several programs can be used to work with CVS under Windows. Tortoise and WinCVS are often mentioned. When either is up and running, visually comparing files will be a need. For that, many people use WinMerge or ExamDiff. Also PuTTY comes in handy. Sourceforge provides a documentation page explaining how to set up Tortoise and other programs and their differences.

Using Tortoise under Windows

  1. right click a root directory of your choice and select
    CVS checkout...
  2. in the CVSROOT line, type:
    when you are registered on sourceforge, you should use this
  3. in the Module line, type:
    bitweaver ( or the module you want to get - see CVS Modules )
  4. select the appropriate revision from the corresponding tab. this will usually be R plus the appropriate release version. e.g.:
  5. never use import. All you need are checkout and update.
  6. Read further details on downloading bitweaver and checking out code on this page: GetCode


  • typos?
  • SF down again?
  • username expired? (long time no login)
  • first time using CVS? ... lots of SSH stuff to wade through

Private Keys

While you do not "need" a private key to use CVS, it is recommended as it will save you having to enter your password a dozen times a day.

Source Forge has a page that will provide you with all you need to know here:




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