Ways to get code from various sources

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Possibility 1: clone from GitHub

GitHub is for you if you are a developer of Bitweaver and contribute code, or if you're keen to see whats cookin ... the sooner-or-later-to-be-released code of Bitweaver and its packages.

Because of it's modularity, bitweaver makes extensive use of git submodules.

See instrcution on how to git clone bitweaver.

Possibility 2: download from /builds directory

Downloading an archive from our /builds directory is for you if you want to get the latest official release or if you want to download weekly builds - beta versions of Bitweaver.
In our /builds directory you find weekly releases that are built by hand at arbitrary points when the codebase is pretty stable. It is always advised to get the most recent possible. Weekly builds are not production ready, but should be reliable enough to install and get familiar with the Bitweaver Framework. The /builds directory also holds the latest (and previous) official releases.

Possibility 3: download from Sourceforge

Downloading from Sourceforge is for you if you want to get the latest official release of Bitweaver. Sourceforge is fast and reliable.
Download a zip from this Sourceforge page, where the latest official releases are posted.


Great Beercoaster

by Jan Lindåker, 17 Feb 2004 (22:01 UTC)
The reference card was great and I am confident that it will work excelent as a beer coaster. Unfortunately I have no beer to try it out with(:cry:).
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