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Articles are used to provide the site with News that every member will see when they login. Members are invited to submit Articles whenever they have something for general broadcast.

Some examples include uploaded Macros, finished Wiki Pages, a Quiz, or Survey.
Articles are used to provide the site with News-like content. They can be grouped in types and topics (similiar to blog postings being grouped in blogs).
Users of any group can be given permission to submit articles, and users of any other group can be given permission to moderate submissions or release them for public broadcast. Articles, like most other content types, can have links to material attached to them (see Liberty Attachments).

The basic listing of articles, ordered by date, provides an abtract using the first few lines of the article, optionally including an image.

A default image for any article is defined in the topic selection. All articles of one topic will then have the same image attached as primary attachment, making it appear like the topic's logo. Alternatively, each article can have it's own image attached for the listing.

When articles are grouped into different types, options are provided to change the style of how each type is displayed.
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