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+Bitweaver is very easy to install. The installer checks your server details, sets up your database, lets you choose packages and features, and can also add sample data. To see what the installer does, before actually installing Bitweaver, [/downloads/file/15256|watch this video: Bitweaver Installation (Screencast)].
+! File permissions
+Certain files or directories need permissions which allow the web server to alter them. On a Unix-like system, the simple solution is to grant write permission to all on the system (__chmod 777__). But it is safer for an administrator to change the group ownership and permissions so the specific web server user has access.
+* /bitweaver/kernel/config_inc.php
+* /bitweaver/temp/
+* /bitweaver/storage/
+On a Windows System, the web server user needs to have write permissions on the same files and directories. Changing this usually requires administrator rights.
-!Bonnie Installation
-Instructions for installing version Bonnie are in ((InstallPackage)).
-The following is for version Clyde.
+! System Requirements
+When a newly uploaded bitweaver site is entered, permissions for certain files are checked and problems are reported. Once these have been resolved, you can then go on to the bitweaver installation. System requirements and recommendations are checked by the Installer. For details, see ((bitweaverRequirements|Bitweaver Requirements)).
-!TikiPro Installation
+! Database Installation
+Make sure you have a database correctly compiled into your PHP version, since the installer will only display ones that are available. For details, see ((InstallBitweaverDB|Bitweaver Database)).
-!!Installer Checks
-When a newly installed TikiPro site is entered, permissions for certain files are checked and problems are reported.
-If it appears the ((Installer)) will be able to run, a reminder to run ''install/install.php'' is issued.
+! Administrator Definition
+The administrator account is used to maintain all aspects of bitweaver. There are absolutely no restrictions for this user.
-!!System Requirements
-See TikiProRequirements.
-System requirements are checked by the Installer.
+! Package Installation
+Packages that are placed within the Bitweaver directory on your server appear in a list of packages you can install. Every one of these is optional (appart from some few required packages) and can be selected or deselected. Packages can always be disabled later or deleted from your server.
-!!Database Installation
-See InstallTikiProDB.
-The database server connection is defined by the Installer.
+! Data Pump
+When packages have been installed successfully, the installer can insert sample data. This helps you to evaluate Bitweaver. Also, the added wiki pages are a set of tutorial pages containing useful information.
+! Bitweaver Settings
+The last step of the install process lets you set a few settings specific to your Bitweaver install.
+! Installation Issues
+If you run into any issues during the installation process, please check the list of ((FAQ|Frequently Asked Questions)) or ((Live Support|Bitweaver's chat (#bitweaver on freenode.net))). We will help you sort out any problems you might have.
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