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Firebird port installation notes

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 23 May 2005 (21:28 UTC) by Lester Caine
Things to watch out for when installing using a Firebird database.

A couple of the remaining installation niggles have been cleared, just leaving a problem finding the path to your installation of Firebird.

install\create_firebird15_database.php may need adjusting to line up with your current Firebird setup. Line 43 needs to point to your firebird programs directory.

Later installations of Firebird will hopefully provide the 'FIREBIRD' environment variable, which will remove this problem, alternatively an option will be provided to add this path to the installation script.

Apart from this niggle, there is nothing that should prevent a clean installation of Tikipro using a Firebird database!

The database name should be a full path and file name for the database in an existing accessible directory, or alternatively you can create an aliase in aliases.conf and use that as the database name during installation.

If the database can not be created, then the installer will display errors, but allow you to try again with a corrected database aliase or location.
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